Party FAQs

Please call 703-430-8337 for more information or email Currie at We look forward to assisting you however we can!

Still have questions?

Definitely! Parties always have a 1/2 hour in between events for set up and clean up time. The party host will be available to help make setting up easier and will take care of clean up for you. We normally book parties consecutively, so we appreciate that you are prepared to depart at the appropriate time in order to accommodate the other guests.

Do I have time to set up my party?

Our parties typically run smoother as a "drop-off" party, but parents are welcome to stay if they'd like. We are adding in a small waiting area outside of the Porch that will include a TV and coffee machine. Should they want to accompany their child in the jungle, they will need a passport - either from the group or purchased separately.

Woody's policy is that anyone who enters the jungle must pay, whether or not they are playing. If you have extra passports, you can use those for supervisors or you can ask your party host to accompany your group. In the event that the adults would like to accompany or play, we welcome that! Extra passports are $8.00 for anyone who would like to join your group.

We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and clothes you don't mind getting wet. We do not provide food, nor do we provide decorations as we have focused the room with detailed theming. We do, however, provide tableware (plates, napkins, forks, cups) in the Party Room for your convenience. Feel free to bring your own items or decorations should you like to personalize your event!

What about the other children's Parents?

Can I supervise the children in the jungle?

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes! In fact, Woody's will require payment in order to complete booking. The online process will prompt you to securely enter your credit card information. You will be charged the base price of $255 within 72 hours of receiving your information. Any add-ons you may want will be charged on the day of the event.

Can I pay online?

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